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What is a roll-off bin?
Roll-off bins are large steel containers that have small wheels at the back which allow the container to roll off the truck without causing damage to the surface it’s being placed on.

How do I know which bin to order? 
Our bin sizes page can help you with the decision.

What can I put in the bin? 
Waste bins can hold old furniture, construction/renovation debris, yard clean up, house and garage waste, or just about any non hazardous material you need to dispose of. 

What can’t I put in the bin? 
Other examples of unacceptable material include: 

  • paint & solvents          

  • chemicals

  • batteries

  • propane tanks

  • pressure vessels

  • cardboard

  • fridges

  • freezers

Unacceptable materials in the bin will result in EZ BIN Kenora receiving a surcharge from the land fill, and we will be forced to pass these charges on to the customer.


Can I put concrete or asphalt in the bin? 
Due to the weight of concrete and asphalt we will use our smaller bin. Please advise us during booking if you are needing this material hauled.


How high can I fill the container? 
Contents must NOT exceed the height of  the bin. Loads higher than this aren’t safe to be transported and could result in a traffic violation/fine due to legal height restrictions and unsafe loading.


Can I move the bin? 
Customers must not use equipment/vehicles to move the bin. Any damage to the bin or property will be the responsibility of the customer in these instances. If the bin is moved by a customer, the driver may not be able to pick up the bin if its position has been altered.


Does the bin get picked up automatically or do I have to call? 
Unless a pre-arranged time is set, we don’t pick up the bin until called. If we arrive to pick up the bin and it is inaccessible due to vehicles or other obstacles, the customer will be charged $100.00 for a dry run.


Do I need to be there when the bin is delivered/picked up? 
No, just specify a location and the driver will put the bin there (provided there’s room).

How much room does the bin need? 
Our bin sizes page can help you with these questions.

If you have any questions at all, please call us at 807.407.4353 and we would be happy to help.

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